Sanitary Disposal

Whilst it may seem like an unimportant issue at first glance, the need for a clean and safe sanitary disposal unit service is now well established. A sterile system where sanitary and nappy waste can be disposed of easily, with environmental, health and social concerns met is needed in all toilet areas.

Our sanitary disposal service provides a safe and hygienic way of removing such waste. The units we use offer a discreet and sterilised solution to ensure everyone is protected against harmful bacteria and viruses. All our units are usually serviced every four weeks; however weekly or two weekly services can be arranged if the need arises.

For even more comfort and safety, Tema Services Group can offer hands free “wave over” disposal units. This goes to another level of hygiene ease to ensure the risk of cross-contamination is reduced as the consumer is not required to touch the unit. The ‘wave over’ is specifically designed so the consumer only has to wave their hand over the sensor to lift the lid automatically. Once the waste has been disposed of, the lid will then close automatically.

Our sanitary disposal promise to you:

  • All standard sanitary disposal units have a maximum capacity of 26 litres.
  • Standard sanitary disposal units have top opening lid for user convenience.
    The lid is constructed so that when in use, the contents of the unit are not visible
    – or ask about the new hands free “wave over’’ disposal units.
  • All units are chemically charged to provide for primary disinfecting and deodorising of sanitary napkins and tampons.
  • These chemicals are non-toxic.
  • All units are coded with a date of when the next service is due.

Our sanitary disposal services, combined with a thorough and safe work approach, will assist you and your staff in establishing a good hygiene practice to create a healthy environment for all.

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